How to listen to a podcast


Listening to a podcast is super easy! And free. Podcasts are kind of like old-timey radio shows, except that they are hosted on the internet instead of over the actual radio. Here are several ways to access our podcasts:

(1) Since you’re already here on the website, you can listen to all episodes, in full and for free, here on the website—click here for our Episodes page.

(2) Listen on Apple Podcasts / iTunes—this is the most popular place where people listen to podcasts, especially people with iPhones or iPads. Do you have an iPhone or iPad? If so, you can easily subscribe; just find the “Podcasts” app (already on your phone, probably), and search for Weird Religion. There it is! Click “subscribe” when you find it and you’ll have the all the episodes ready to go.

(3) Listen on Spotify—Spotify has become a really popular way to listen to podcasts now, as well as to a lot of music. You can get the Spotify app through iPhone, Android, whatever, and go from there.

(4) Listen on Stitcher—Stitcher is also an app that you can get on your phone, and is especially popular for people with an Android phone. Download the Stitcher app, and search for Weird Religion. Press play. It’s that easy.

(5) Listen on GooglePlay—if you already use GooglePlay for music, then you know what to do.

(6) If you need our RSS feed to listen, here you go: